Sista Afia | Photo Source: Hitz FM
Sista Afia | Photo Source: Hitz FM

Songstress Sista Afia has rubbished reports linking her romantically with actor LilWin.

Social media was inundated with rumours that LilWin has had his moments with multiple female celebrities, of which Sister Afia’s name popped up.

She was accused of warming the bed of LilWin several times, as well as other male and female A-listed personalities.

In addressing the reports head-on, Sista Afia made a statement categorically refuting the accusation, emphasizing the falsehood of the claims and urging the public to disregard them.

She expressed her disappointment in the source of the rumours and highlighted the negative impact they can have on her reputation.

“How on earth could someone created a f**cked up story like this SMH!! Cmon now?”

She is confident the news was concocted to tarnish her hard-earned reputation.