In a tearful announcement, veteran Kumawood actress Nana Yaa Appiah shared the heartbreaking news of her daughter’s passing.

The 17-year-old Stephanie Nana Adomah Appiah passed away on Wednesday after showing signs of ill health on Monday when she refused to go to school.

“My daughter is a science student so she takes her education very seriously. When she refused to go to school on Monday, I knew something was wrong so I forcefully took her to the hospital the next day. I had a feeling she was suffering in silence,” the actress shared in an interview.

Nana Yaa Appiah said her daughter only complained of headache, but tests results revealed she was suffering an infection and Malaria plus, in addition to shortage of blood.

According to her, the doctors put Adomah on emergency medication, but she resisted with the explanation she had to be in school for Girls’ prefect elections, of which she was a candidate.

Regardless, she was admitted for days in attempts to save her life as she deteriorated every passing day.

Nana Yaa Appiah revealed she was roaming in search for blood for her daughter when she received the devastating news of her daughter’s passing via phone call.

She revealed she was lost for a moment as she could not fathom how her daughter who was healthy a week ago was suddenly lifeless.

The loss of her beloved daughter has undoubtedly left a void in Nana Yaa Appiah’s life, and she is mourning the untimely loss with a heavy heart.

Burial arrangements have been made for July 8 at Atonsu, Kumasi.