Luck eluded a teenager when the wife of the man she is allegedly dating pounced on her.

The side chick received heavy slaps from the agitated woman while residents helplessly looked on.

Though it is unclear where the incident happened, the said wife was confronting her rival in Twi dialect.

In the video circulating on social media, the elderly woman accosted the teenager in public, believed to be when she was leaving after visiting the said man.

She could be heard verbally assaulting her rival for having the audacity to sleep with her husband till daybreak.

She pointed out to the teenager her unfair treatment, adding that she is old enough to be her mother.

The wife was dragging the teenager around by her blouse, amid heavy slaps.

In the video, seven slaps landed on the side chicks’ cheeks, both left and right, and her top was badly torn.