Ghanaian actors are pioneering a movement to have their colleague Big Akwes face legal actions after he slapped Frank Naro during a celebrity gala.

Big Akwes nearly ruined the fun when he caused the commotion before other celebrities including Wayoosi. Frank Naro’s crime was simply extending his hands in attempts to greet him.

Before he could utter a word, Big Akwes smacked him on his cheeks and would have gone further if he was not restrained.

The incident has triggered some persons in the film industry who called in during an interview to notify their plans of getting Big Akwes answerable to the law.

Aside the slap, Big Akwes has multiple times threatened harm on Frank Naro, which the fellow actors believe he is possible of doing.

They called on Frank to report the matter to the authorities by the close of the week lest they take matters into their own hands.

The group has also called on the film industry to review the case and apply disciplinary sanctions.

Meanwhile, Frank has shared his side of the incident which happened at the Breman AstroTurf park.

According to him, he was reluctant in greeting Big Akwes when actor Wayoosi demanded because he felt something would go wrong, which did.

He revealed that he is fully aware of Big Akwes’ dislike for him, but he did not know it was that deep.

On actions taken, Frank Naro said he notified police of the initial threats, but they are yet to take up the case.

However, he does not intend to drag it as he has summoned Big Akwes before God.

“I have no interest in dragging this issue because here in Ghana, an adult is always right over a child. I leave the situation to God who is the ultimate judge. For every action, the reward is in Heaven. I don’t need any apology,” he said in an interview with GhPage TV.

For Ghanaians saying the issue is a publicity stunt, Frank said he will not subject himself to disrespect just for some few likes and trends.