Food in Senior high schools
Food in Senior high schools

A teacher in one of the Senior High Schools (SHS) in the country has revealed how students in some of the nation’s second cycle institutions are subjected to eat food of poor quality.

Speaking on Adom FM’s morning show Dwaso Nsem Friday, the teacher, who spoke under anonymity, said it is only when officials from the Buffer Stock Company that supply them non-perishable foods or government officials visit the school that students are given meat and eggs on their food.

“The policy on SHS menu is that all SHS students are entitled to eggs twice in a week but that is not happening in our schools, at least we know several schools that are giving their students poor food.

“Unless officials are coming from Buffer Stock before the students will be given eggs or even fish on their food. Sometimes the rice they eat don’t even have brand names so we can’t even tell if they are expired or not. It’s very sad,” he said.


According to him, the food has been budgeted for by the government and so wondered why schools keep giving poor quality foods to the students when they deserve better.

“If you complain right now and you are fished out, you will regret it. They will just transfer you to a place you won’t be able to even speak up,” he lamented.

Speaking on Free SHS, he said though it’s a good initiative, the monitoring and assessment are poor as most classrooms are congested, thus, affecting teaching and learning.

He said he won’t blame the President but the people around him because some have failed to do their job.

“We are in a total mess, I won’t blame the president but I will blame people around him because they fail to perform their duties, someone is not doing his or work. Our education is in a mess,” he cried.

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