Shatta Wale at HItz FM
Shatta Wale

Following Nigerian stars now becoming ambassadors for some made-in-Ghana alcoholic beverages after Ghanaian celebrities were banned by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), Shatta Wale has reacted.

The Shatta Movement boss first of all extended warm congratulations to the Nigerian celebs such as Jim Ike, Ini Edo, among others who were appointed as Adonko Bitters ambassadors for their new deal.

“Congrats to all my naija brothers and celebs on their Adonko deal…Infact Adonko pls come and sign me cuz am also a Nigerian ,my name is shatta Ike chwuku wale…Thank you [SIC],” he tweeted.

In his subsequent posts, the Ayoo hitmaker lambasted the FDA for seeing Ghanaian celebrities as minors.


“Ghanaian musicians only think about awards and not business and moreover they behave like children no wonder FDA sees us a great influence to minors !!! Poor industry poor mentality, [SIC]” one of his tweets read.

In 2015, the FDA banned Ghanaian celebrities from advertising alcoholic beverages.

The FDA said at the time that the ban was not only in adherence to a World Health Organisation policy but was part of efforts to protect children and prevent them from being lured into alcoholism.

The Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the FDA at the time, John Odame Darkwa, told Adom FM that research conducted by the World Health Organisation had revealed that alcohol-related diseases among children were on the rise and attributed the development to the continuous involvement of celebrities in advertising alcoholic beverages.

But Shatta Wale disagreed with the FDA saying “go check how many people there love alcohol and even keep some in their houses but they will come telling us about safety !!! This country paaa hmmm [SIC],” he added.

According to him, the lackadaisical attitude of Ghanaian celebrities to counter FDA’s decision will go a long way to affect the industry.

“Small time dem go Ban alcohol for parties and then after they will Ban water too then we wil drink Urine and our sweat !!!! Nonsense. Small time dem go Ban promoters from doing shows in Ghana cuz dem go talk say celebs deh spoil the youths in Ghana,[SIC]” he tweeted.

Shatta Wale isn’t the only industry player calling on the FDA to review the ban.

Celebrities such as Edem, Wendy Shay, Tic and even Bullet see the phenomenon as a disadvantage to Ghanaian celebrities.

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