According to the latest statistical report released by the Births and Deaths Registry in Ghana,18,689 deaths, accounting for 36.7% of registered deaths (50,992), were attributed to the top 11 causes of mortality in the country.

Topping the list of killers was hypertension, claiming the lives of 2,573 individuals. Following closely were pneumonia (2,457), heart failure (2,225), acute respiratory failure (2,203), stroke (1,679), diabetes (1,578), severe sepsis (1,558), septic shock (1,401), chronic liver disease (1,103), cancer (1,036), and cerebrovascular diseases (876).

All the diseases killed more men except cancer which killed more women (see table below).

One of the notable trends highlighted in the report was the vulnerability of adults and the elderly to these leading causes of death. Pneumonia, severe sepsis, cerebrovascular diseases, heart failure, and cancer were identified as the most dominant associated causes of death among the elderly, with percentages ranging from 49.0% to 59.0%.

Among adults, chronic liver disease, septic shock, and diabetes were identified as the most pervasive causes of death, with percentages as high as 72.0% for chronic liver disease. Stroke, on the other hand, was a common cause of death among both adults and the elderly.

The report also shed light on gender disparities in susceptibility to these diseases. Males were found to be more susceptible to the top 11 causes of death, except for cancer. Hypertension-related diseases, pneumonia, and heart failure showed a notable trend, with males comprising a significant majority of the deaths attributed to these conditions.

Overall, the report underscores the urgent need for targeted public health interventions to address these prevalent diseases and reduce mortality rates, especially among vulnerable populations such as the elderly and individuals with chronic conditions.

See the list below;

  1. Hypertension 2,573
  2. Pneumonia – 2,457
  3. Heart fallure – 2,225
  4. Acute Respiratory failure – 2,203
  5. Stroke – 1,679
  6. Diabetes – 1,578
  7. Severe Sepsis – 1,558
  8. Septic Shock – 1,401
  9. Chronic liver disease – 1,103
  10. Cancer – 1,036
  11. Cerebrovascular diseases – 876


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