Security analyst, Dr. Adam Bonaa has advised Ghanaians to prioritise their security and safety before, during and after the Christmas festivities.

Acknowledging security in Ghana has improved compared to two or three years ago, Dr Bonaa stressed it is still important for citizens to be vigilant.

“Gone are the days when people didn’t even feel safe stopping under the traffic light and there was frequent robberies at the Legon-GIMPA by-pass. A lot of crimes took place from 2021 right into 2022 but now, it seems things are better due to police patrol and visibility,” he said.

Speaking on Adom FM’s morning show Dwaso Nsem, he said a bit of common sense is needed to prevent certain crimes because it will be difficult for the police to handle them alone.

Dr Bonaa advised that, if one decides to travel, the access points must be locked properly to avoid break-ins and the house left in the care of a trusted person.

He stressed the need to fix faulty door locks and windows and keep wandering eyes from scanning valuables.

Also, Dr. Bonaa cautioned the citizenry to be careful about what they share and desist from revealing sensitive personal information, including home address, financial information, phone number and locations when traveling.

“We should be circumspect and discreet because those bad guys are strategic and watch closely so for the women who want to make up while in traffic, they should stop because it makes them vulnerable to robbery attacks” he added.