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Police outline plans for forex sector during festive period


The Police Administration has assured Forex bureau operators of maximum security protection to enable them to carry out their businesses freely without fear of criminals during and after the Christmas festive period.

It said during this period, there would be increased police patrols and visibility as well as collaborative intelligence gathering with other security agencies aimed at preventing crime and enhancing security.

It, therefore, urged forex bureau operators to be vigilant and report any suspicious activities for the necessary action to be taken.

The assurance was given when the Inspector General of Police, Dr George Akuffo Dampare, and some members of the Police Management Board (POMAB) met the national executives of the Ghana Association of Forex Bureau operators in Accra.

The meeting, which was part of the series of the Police Administration stakeholder engagement, was to seek the security concerns of operators in the forex bureau sector.

Security concerns raised during the meeting would be integrated in the security arrangements of the police to ensure the upcoming festive season is incident free.

Dr George Akuffo Dampare, who gave the assurance, said the police were working with other security agencies to gather intelligence and combat crime across the country.

“We are on the ground.

We want to tell unpatriotic citizens who are jealous of the security, peace, law and order we enjoy in this country to take a second look at their notes,” he said.

Dr Dampare urged the forex bureau operators to stay focused, alert and work with the police to combat crime that affected the smooth operation of their businesses.

He said the police “are watching and we will act in line with the law to protect lives and property to ensure the sustainability of the peace and security in the country.”

Activate CCTVs

The Director-General in Charge of Administration, Commissioner of Police (COP) Christian Tetteh Yohuno, advised forex bureau operators to seek police protection anytime they had to convey money from one point to the other as part of their business operations, especially during the festive period.

He urged them to activate CCTV cameras around their business premises to help detect suspicious activities and persons and assist the police with investigations into crime.

“Be careful of people trailing and call the police because criminals who do not want to work take advantage of your security lapses,” he said, after announcing that police personnel would be stationed at vantage points close to the business locations of forex bureau during the festive periods.

“We want you to know that police personnel will be everywhere.

We are ready to give you protection.” 

Call police emergency lines

COP Yohuno urged forex bureau operators to be vigilant and involve the police when they received calls from existing or potential clients about business transactions outside the business premises of the operators.

“Do not trust people so much.

Do not carry money around and be careful of the people you discuss money issues with.

You must not expose business activities to even your close associates,” he advised the forex bureau operators.

Mr Yohuno gave an assurance that the police were ready to deal with any security challenge that would affect the smooth operation of forex bureau businesses.

He said the police emergency contacts were active and urged the forex bureau operators to make use of them.

The police emergency lines are 18555, 191, 112 and 999 or other police contact lines 0299200000.

Security concerns

The Vice-President of the Ghana Association of Forex Bureaux, Dr Dasmon Alex Akpabli, said some of the major security challenges of the forex industry in the country included robbery and fraudulent attacks.

He commended the Ghana Police Administration for putting in place security arrangements to protect forex bureau operators.


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