A Security Analyst, Paul Boateng, has said that many police statements regarding criminal cases that include them contain several fabrications.

Mr Boateng, commenting on the controversial demise of one Shadrach Arloo, on Adom FM’s Burning Issues said “they are the same people involved in the investigation and can temper with it, hence it is difficult to win a case against them.

“The times one has won a case against the police are rare and that is why it’s necessary to allow independent organisations to take over an investigation any time a case involves the police, it’s about time we implement such a law for fair results,” he said.

He went on to say that he has listened to the Jomorro MP and read the police statement about Mr Arloo’s death but the police story seems not to be true.

The security analyst suggested that the family of the late Arloo should petition the IGP to re-open the case for them to involve the family doctor to perform the autopsy for fair results.

“What I think the family should do is that, they should petition the IGP to re-open the case, because he plays role as a player and referee in the case. Then family doctor can perform the autopsy,” he said.

The 32-year-old Arloo met his death after his banter with a police officer at the West Hills Mall days ago.

His family accused the police of brutalising him, hence his death.

Meanwhile, the police response says an eight-zipped substance suspected to be marijuana was found in the throat of the body during autopsy.

His death has caused a heated tension between the family and the Ghana Police Service.