Some residents in the Ejisu Municipality in the Ashanti region are incensed at a dangerous scene of a heavy-lifting machine carrying timber in a busy traffic intersection on the Ejisu-Kumasi highway. 

The log-lifting machine posed danger to commuters including pupils on a school bus as the driver maneuvered his way around in attempts to transport the log. 

Traders and motorists panicked at the scene.

According to residents, a timber-carrying truck had burst a tyre which required the offloading of the logs onto another truck.

The process got bizarre as a heavy-lifting machine attempted to lift a log from one end of the road to the other.

Traders and commuters panicked as the log-carrying machine drove along the busy intersection.

A driver, Isaac Assuming, wants the government to properly regulate the transportation of timber.

“What happened could be disastrous, the government must call them to order, they cannot continue to use old trucks to transport logs,” he said.

The Ejisu Municipal Assembly says it is working with the police to ascertain what actually happened for appropriate sanctions.