Reggae/Dancehall musician Samini | Photo: @samini_dagaati / Instagram
Reggae/Dancehall musician Samini | Photo: @samini_dagaati / Instagram

‘Forefather’ of Highgrade Family of which Stonebwoy and Kelvyn Boy originate has waded into the ongoing tension between the two artistes.

Samini, who groomed both men, is having a hard time dissecting the sudden enmity between the former godfather and son who have made their mark in Ghana’s music industry.

He encouraged both men to shield the arrow of negativity that is bound to disrupt their greatness, while addressing their issues yet devoid of violence.

In his lengthy Instagram post, he addressed Kelvyn Boy’s allegation that Stonebwoy instigated his attack, explaining when one finger points at a ‘bad guy’, the rest of the fingers point back at the accuser.


Samini, speaking in parables, said “woe unto the accuser if his finger-pointing misses the real instigator.”

Read his post below:

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I like BLACK and WHITE because it’s timeless. It speaks volumes in its absolute calmness. As we try to perfect the divinity of oneness, let no iota of negativity, though they will arise, distort the flow of GREATNESS. Great things have come but even greater things are yet to come. Take no delight in violence, and rejoice not when your worse enemy is in crisis because life is one cycle and what goes around comes around. When one finger points at the bad guy the rest of the four points at the pointer… woe unto the pointer if he goes around the point in circles only to miss it. Hm… oh what a joy it will be to see all family members in one harmony. @stonebwoyb is and will always be my family and that automatically makes @kelvynboymusic_ my blood. So put yourself in my shoes at this point in time and tell me what to do… I don’t condone disrespect to the elderly or pacesetters no matter the situation is because it’s one TRUTH to NEVER bite the finger that feeds you. One may ask so what if the finger chokes you? Quickly free yourself but try not to bite because it’s a RULE to not bite it no matter what. YES it’s difficult but once bitten… Long story short… Let’s come together one last time and have a sit down away from social media so you can amicably cut ties on a good and blessed note. Then and only then will we have some peace in this household. Mi’mma yi asu y3 ding kraaa dodo lol. Mabr3 ooo. Yoooo. As3m b3n kraaaa ni. Kelvin pls don’t say anything again. #Onegad you know how de ting go I beg say no more on this topic cus at the end of the day a son will always be a son.. Let the music play. #akyesaaaaaaaaa #bhim #lailai 😂😂😂.

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