Leaders in Nairobi are introducing new rules and regulations they say will keep Kenya’s capital clean and hygienic.

The new rules and regulations were introduced by the Nairobi County government and signed by Nairobi Deputy Governor, Ann Kananu

As of Monday, blowing one’s nose without a handkerchief or tissue paper in Nairobi will result in a fine ranging from Ksh10,000 (100$) to Ksh500,000 (5,000$) or a prison term of between six to 12 months.

Nairobi’s Acting Governor Anne Kananu Mwenda signs into law the Nairobi City County Public Nuisance Bill, 2021. The new law bans among other things blowing one’s nose without using a handkerchief or tissue paper while in Nairobi, Kenya. Source: Communication Director Governor’s Press Service & Media Chief Officer Nairobi City County

The penalties also apply to anyone caught urinating in undesignated spaces, spitting on the streets, and sleeping in kitchens or food stores.

Nairobi’s Acting Governor, Anne Kananu Mwenda, said Nairobi residents should familiarise themselves with the new law to avoid being caught on the wrong side.

“Nairobi is the face of Kenya. We all need a clean and hygienic environment to live and work in,” she said.

The new law also prohibits the discharge of dirty water, sewer or effluent into streets or water channels, discharge of oils into roads or water channels, and obstruction of roads or streets.

Homeowners will also be fined for allowing trees and hedges in their homes or places of work to obstruct streets or footpaths. The new law also criminalises riding motorcycles or driving on footpaths, playing loud music, and smoking in undesignated places.