Actress Regina Daniels has been spotted in a video pushing one of her workers into a swimming pool.

The worker has been identified as Sandra.

The video had Regina being taken care of by a makeup artiste before the said staff, Sandra, approached her and asked her to make a choice of what colour of wig she would like to wear for the day.


Sandra held up a blonde and wine-coloured wig for the actress to choose from.

The entertainer chose a wine wig but Sandra suggested that the blonde hair would fit her better, especially because of the outfit she would be wearing for the occasion.

Regina insisted she was wearing the wine hair and then asked Sandra why she was arguing with her.

She then angrily pushed away the makeup artiste’s hand from her face.

A new scene soon emerged with the actress, Sandra and another actor discussing something beside a swimming pool.

Even though the discussions were not too inaudible Regina could be heard telling Sandra that she argued too much before pushing her out of her way into the swimming pool.

The actress later attributed her behaviour to pregnancy hormones.

Watch the video below. Start watching from 14:30: