Daughter of former President Jerry John Rawlings, Princess Amina Agyeman Rawlings,  got goosebumps on sympathisers gathered for her father’s final funeral rites when she broke down in tears.

Princess Amina stopped to allow tears to freely roll down her cheeks as she reads a tribute on behalf of her mother, Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings.

The tribute started off with a poem of their beautiful love journey which germinated into enthusiasm and dreams, but like a lemon, soon gave off its sour juice afterward.

Young Amina’s voice became shaky when she touched on how her mother’s partner did not live enough to witness all their political dreams to see the light of day.

“For most, you remained Chairman, to me, you were and always will be Jerry, my love, my life partner, my friend, you were for Ghana and for me,” she said.

That particular statement broke her and pensive-looking Nana Konadu, as waves of silence pass across the venue at the Black Star Square.


She was comforted by her elder sister, Zanetor Rawlings and Kimathi Rawlings offered a shoulder for their mother to lean on.

However, amid sobbing, she managed to end the tribute for Mr Rawlings whose death was painfully recorded on November 12, 2020.