Coronavirus and Sex

A young lady has described prostitution as the best career on earth due to the wealth she has made in a short time.

In a video which has since gone viral, the Nigerian lady talked about how it has afforded her the luxury of taking care of her family.

After she opened up on the kind of life she lives, the self-acclaimed ‘unpushable’ prostitute was slammed by several social media users.

“I am a proud prostitute because it is the best career on earth. I’m rich and I can look after my family,” she said in a video she posted.


The video of her boasting on being a prostitute has since gone viral and Nigerians are not taking it lightly with her.

In the video she talked about her luxury life and how she has been able to take care of her family with the proceeds from prostitution, emphasizing how her mother lives a well-fulfilled life without taking part in any stressful activity because money was available.

She went on to encourage others in the business of sleeping with men for money not to be ashamed of their profession because it pays bills better than several other jobs.

Watch the video below: