Ghanaian based Gambian actress, Princess Shyngle, has revealed she has suffered a miscarriage.

The actress, making the revelation in an episode of her reality show, Discovering Princess Shyngle, explained she woke up with blood stains on her bedsheet and she sensed what had happened.

Terrified by the incident, she rushed to the hospital and the doctors confirmed her worst fears.

“I lost my baby and it’s hard, it’s painful, my heart, it is the most painful thing in this planet to lose your child; God knows I’m trying.


“I still believe in God and I know everything happens for a reason. As much as the devil wants me to be angry with God right now, I’m not going to be,” she said as she wailed uncontrollably.

In the first minutes of her lengthy episode, she said she finds peace knowing her baby is in heaven watching over her.

However, her fiancé, Frederick Badji who received the news of their loss in jail was in utmost shock and was rendered speechless.