File photo: A shrine

Nana Poku Asi Nyarko, Chief of Sakyikrom, a town near Adeiso in the Eastern region where a fetish priest and his accomplices were arrested for possessing human parts has spoken.

His comments further highlight the trickery and deceit with which embattled fetish priest, Power 1, became resident in the area.

At least three headless bodies were allegedly exhumed in shrines owned by Power 1, the fetish priest, through a high-powered police operation.

How they came to settle in the area

According to Nana Nyarko, Power 1 and his accomplices came to the village under the guise of needing a piece of land for schools and apartments.

According to the chief, they were only to realise later that he had turned the piece of land he acquired into shrines.

Speaking on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem, Monday, the Nana Nyarko explained he personally didn’t have any interaction with the priest concerning the land.


He explained that Power 1 got his piece of land from the chief of Adu Kojo who resides in Suhum.

Shortly after taking possession of the land, Nana Nyarko said they realised the structured being raised by Power 1 had weird paintings on them.

He said it didn’t take long for them to notice that people had started getting missing amid mysterious deaths.

Initial Confrontation

Nana Nyarko added that upon noticing the strange happenings, they confronted Power 1 who denied any involvement and further gave the assurance he would help to find the perpetrators.

“They asked us to hold a durbar where curses will be invoked on the culprits but they kept postponing the dates till it never came off,” he said.

Arrest and Relief

Nana Nyarko said the invasion and arrest of Power 1 has brought great relief to the residents in and around Sakyikrom.