File photo: A shrine

A fetish priest and his accomplice have been arrested by the police for allegedly possessing human parts.


The suspects, Power 1 and Famous age 40 and 36 years respectively were arrested in a swoop at Sakyikrom, a town near Adeiso in the Eastern region.

A special police investigative team deployed mainly from the headquarters led by Ken Yeboah head of Police Criminal Investigative Department discovered the human parts. 

The three human parts discovered were those of two males and a female without their heads.

Adom News’ Prince Owusu, who was at the scene, reported that the police also retrieved fresh human head, skulls and other human parts tied in a polythene bag ready to be used for sacrifice.

“Upon interrogation, the suspect, Power 1 claimed he got the body parts from cemeteries and accident scenes,” Prince Owusu added.

Prince Owusu said agitated residents attested to how the fetish priest had been a threat and pleaded with the police to hand him over for instant justice.

Assemblyman for the area, Eric Abeisy, expressed shock after seeing the dead bodies being retrieved.

Residents in the area were happy because the police had arrested the suspect.

The suspects are currently in police custody pending investigations and the bodies have been deposited at the Police Hospital morgue.