DJ Mic Smith's car after accident

Popular Disc Jockey (DJ) of Twist night club, DJ Mic Smith, has recounted a year on how he survived two ghastly accidents which almost claimed his life.

Taking to Instagram to relive what he said was the worst day of his life, DJ Smith said the accidents happened two months apart.

The first was when he was returning home after a long day in the wee hours of the night, and the second was when he was traveling for a programme he had been billed for.

Though the first was not fatal, the second crash claimed the life of a motor rider, for which he found himself at the police station.

He wrote:

Exactly a year today, I encountered the worst day of my life. After a long day duty, it was time to return home using the Tema motorway during the silent hour of the night. That was when I almost met my sudden death.

My car was veered off the road by a leaked engine oil from a faulty car parked by the roadside. My car somersaulted and all I could see was myself trying to get out of the car when it halted from a steady motion. People came to my rescue and every belonging of mine was recovered.

Fast forward to two months after this incident, I woke up on a fine blessed morning with much anticipation to a successful event I’ve been booked for. I prepared and set off to the venue through Tema motorway where I met the unexpected.

A motorbike rider crossed my car from the right wing of the road attempting to overtake me. Unfortunately for him, and because he appeared from a bushy area, I couldn’t see him ahead of me. All I could hear was a bang on the right side of my car.

Quickly I parked to check what that could be and after checking, I observed people were rushing to a knocked down motor rider. That was when I realised the unfortunate thing had happened. The young biker died on the spot.

The story afterwards will be told one day but I’ll like to express my gratitude to Ghana Police Service for their intervention in the case and also everyone who heard and gave me the support I needed. It was a year I escaped death but found myself at the police station as a result of the demise of another. I thank God for my life.

Watch videos of accident: