Ruth Kadiri and Eddie Watson
Ruth Kadiri and Eddie Watson

Nollywood actress, Ruth Kadiri, has publicly criticised her friend and colleague actor Eddie Watson for trying to control her.

She revealed their private conversation on her Instagram page and firmly warned him to stop trying to control her.

Eddie had suggested she changes her WhatsApp Display Picture (DP) in the chat since it appeared ominous.

The mother of two was a little irritated, and she made it apparent that he doesn’t have much power over her choices.

The 35-year-old actress threatened to block him on the chat app because she believed he had the ability to influence her decisions that way.

Ruth admonished him against meddling in her private matters and posted about their conversation on her official Instagram account.

Ruth, who was clearly joking as the two are known for insulting each other on social media, wrote, “Somebody should just warn this EDDIE!!! Coming to my personal space to tell me what to do! Who you???? no problem @eddiewatsonjr RUDE GOAT.”