File photo: Police

The Ghana Police Service have marked their territories at the Independence Square against the #FixTheCountry protest that was intended to happen today, May 9.

Conveners of the then online protest threatened to assemble at the avenue to protest against the hike in fuel prices, poor education, healthcare delivery, bad roads, and the general low standard of living in the country.

However, their protest was marred by a court injunction kicking against the action on the said day “or any other date until the restriction on public gathering is lifted.”

According to the Head of Public Affairs at the Accra Region Police Command, “the restraining order follows an affidavit filed by the police against convenors of TheFixCountry protest march pursuant to Section 1(6) of the Police Order Act, 1994 (491).”

In preparedness to make the injunction active, the Ghana Police Service stormed the independence square with a full ‘batallion’.


In photos circulating on social media, there was heavy police presence at the venue and around to ensure the protest does not generate into a preventable circumstance.

That notwithstanding, the conveners of the protest have issued another , strategy: Noise protest nationwide.