Radio personality, Emmanuel Barnes, also known as Mr Logic, says people who attribute the hike in fuel prices to Nana Akufo-Addo, are not well-lettered.

He believes the perception that the President should be held responsible for the incessant rise in fuel prices in the country is a conversation that merits less attention.

Speaking on Matter Dey on Hitz FM, he said “I was listening to a certain radio station this morning where I heard people saying ‘Nana Addo is a liar, a thief and a wicked man’, all this people are illiterates – people who do not read nor do any research,” he told Kofi Hayford.

According to him, the rice in fuel prices is one that affects the entire globe, not Ghana alone, therefore, Ghanaians should stop complaining.

Seemingly, he is of the opinion that fuel is even more expensive in European countries than it is in Ghana, where a litre is sold at GHS 10, whereas the same level is sold at €11, (equal to GHS 88), in France for instance.

He also envisioned the likelihood of an unrest in the country, should a litre be sold at GHS 88 in Ghana in the near future.

“If Europe is buying one gallon for 11 euros, [equivalent to GHS 88 per gallon], imagine what would happen if a litre is sold at GHS 88 in Ghana – people will go on hunger strike, some will go for demonstration, some will be thinking of unnecessary things because the price a litre has gotten to that level,” he said.

Interestingly enough, he suggested that the public outcry on the increment of fuel prices is loud because Ghana is running on the single spine system for the working population, unlike other European countries, who are running the double shift system.

As a consequence, Ghanaians who complain about the high prices of commodities do so because they do not have enough money to take care of themselves, let alone pay for fuel and transport fares at heightened prices, as opposed to Europeans, who are able to do two-three jobs in a day, in order to widen their income base.

Mr Logic says Europe is only better than Ghana because of their ability to run multiple jobs in a day. He quickly added that Ghana’s incapacity to adopt the European system is where they fall short.

“The only difference between Ghana and Europe is, they have a double shift system, where you can do about 2 or 3 jobs. And we have single spine – that’s our biggest problem. I don’t understand why government cannot see that the single sine is not helping us,” he noted.

Per Mr Logic, Ghana’s adaptation of double shift system will have a huge positive impact, which is likely to redeem the economy from financial crisis; reducing the rate at which citizens lament, since they are earning a significant amount of income.

“The moment we are able to change and move away from the single spine, nobody will complain about some of these developments. The average person could earn about GHS 15,000 a month from doing 2-3 jobs in a day,” he opined.