The Pensioner Bondholders Forum on Thursday besieged Parliament to demand their exclusion from the Domestic Debt Exchange Programme.

This follows their seven-day protest at the Finance Ministry against the inclusion of their investments in the programme.

The bondholders who have been calling for their total exclusion took over the gallery at the House waiting for the Finance Minister to address the MPs.

In an interview, a leader of the Forum, Dr Adu Anane Antwi, said that their presence is to hear the Finance Minister publicly announce their exclusion.

“Yesterday (February 15) we told him we need the exemption before we leave the premises of the ministry, otherwise every day we will be there. And, he assured us that he will discuss with the President and make the appropriate announcement as part of the statement he is giving in parliament this morning,” he said.

The pensioners said the state and its actors were not showing appreciation and respect for their sacrifices.


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They, therefore, appealed to the lawmakers to intervene in the matter.

The bondholders have vowed they will not accept anything aside from a total exemption.