Prophet Kumchacha has lambasted pastors and politicians who are advocating for the building of the National Cathedral in Ghana.

According to him, he doesn’t see the need for the building because it is a waste of taxpayers’ money.

In an interview on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, the  founder and Leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministries said he cannot fathom why the state is paying seed money for the church project.

He explained that President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s pledge to build the National Cathedral to glorify God was a personal one, hence, he should resort to private funds to support the project.

The National Cathedral is bogus. Nana Addo promised God to build it for God, so if you are now the president, why should Ken Ofori-Atta come out to collect MoMo? They told us they will not use the taxpayer’s money, but what has happened? Have they or have they not? He queried.

Additionally, Kumchacha said the National Cathedral can never be a priority over bad roads and no bed syndrome facing many hospitals.

He added that, for a country that is inviting the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for aid, there is no need to pan the focus on a project for God.

“We don’t have good roads, hospitals, and we are not even developed… we have one leg at IMF … so if this same country is using $500m dollars for cathedral then what is happening?

“If he was building it from his pocket, we had no problem. He shouldn’t have touched state houses to demolish them. You don’t take the government land for your project. I am saying categorically…most of our politicians don’t say the truth,” he said.

Prophet Kumchacha also advised the incumbent government to reduce the number of ministers if they truly care for the state.

“Our president told us we are sitting on money, yet we are hungry in opposition. I didn’t say it for him. China and India have a big population yet how many ministers do they have? Even USA and Holland, and UK…how many ministers do they have?”

“Has God told someone that his rent is over. So as for me taking out my money for cathedral, it won’t work. I will rather donate to the prisons. So those churches that don’t say the truth, it’s left with two years for the NPP, can they build that cathedral?” Prophet Kumchacha asked.