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The Okada Riders Association of Ghana has threatened to boycott the 2024 elections if their operations are not legalised.

Their demand according to them is borne out of the fact that the business has become a source of income for many Ghanaian youth.

The General Secretary, Abdul Razak, has said they can therefore no longer withstand frequent harassments from law enforcement officers.

“We call on the government to legalize our operations. In the last two weeks or so our vice president went to speak about the vision he has for the country and we did not hear any information about us. That is the reason why we are also calling on the government to legalize our operations.

“When you look at the country right now, the way this job has created jobs for the youth, it is really helping the youth with their daily bread. So that is the reason why we say that if the government legalises this operation and we put law into order it will help the youth to put something on the table,” he said in an interview with Accra-based Citi News.

Meanwhile, the Association has said they will rescind their decision if any political party promises to legalize their operations when voted into power.