Ghana has the best jollof any African country can boast of, this is according to former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and co-founder of social networking app, Twitter, as he joins the food war.

For time immemorial, African countries, especially Nigeria and Ghana, have engaged in a passionate ‘war’ of culture, particularly cuisine, while sharing mouth-watering recipes of their dishes.

However, Ghana is on the winning side once again, as Twitter CEO Jack Patrick Dorsey joins the tall list of international personalities to endorse Ghanaian meal.

He agrees with the likes of Ed Sheeran, rapper TI, Mafikizolo, Australian High Commissioner, Mr Gregory Andrews, who believe Naija jollof will never be tastier than Ghana’s.

Jack Dorsey, who is currently on a working tour, having set up a twitter office in Ghana, has had the opportunity to taste Ghanaian jollof, months after he ate Nigerian jollof when he visited the country.

He has been left astonished with the incredible taste of Ghanaian jollof, as he shares a post of his meal with an emoji indicating Ghana is the GOAT of jollof.

The Twitter CEO gave credence to the saying ‘when it’s nice, you share it twice’ as he nourishes himself with another plate of jollof.

On both instances he has had the meal, his verdict was simple – Ghana wins!.

Jack Dorsey’s endorsement has left Nigerians heartbroken as they camp under his comment section to pursuade him to change his mind.

Some netizens have urged him to re-visit Nigeria and have a second or even third taste of Naija jollof.