Michael Okyere Baafi

The New Patriotic Party in the New Juaben South Constituency says its target of ensuring 120, 000 registered voters in the constituency is on course.

Even though the constituency recorded a little over 40,000 registered votes at the end of the second phase of the EC voter registration exercise, the party is confident that the last two phases will soar the figures up and help achieve their target.

Presenting about 30 megaphones, ten motor bikes, a vehicle and some cash to the constituency executives to facilitate the mobilization of constituents and their campaign, the NPP Parliamentary candidate for New Juaben South Constituency, Michael Okyere Baafi, said the resources provided to the constituency executives were aimed at facilitating the achievement of the set target.

He said it was his believe that the motorcycles, megaphones and vehicle would help reach out to majority of the constituents.

Mr Baafi said the last two phases of the registration is centered in the most populous polling stations in the constituency and it is expected that the numbers would increase tremendously by the end of the exercise.

He said places like Kantudu, Central Market, Srodae, Betom, Ogua among other polling stations would record higher numbers if the party leads the campaign and whip the constituents’ interest to go and register.


According to Mr Baafi, Covid-19 has affected the number of registrants that would have normally come out to participate in the exercise, but his team would work hard to ensure that people still come out in their numbers to register.

Speaking further, he intimated that he distributes close to 5,000 nose masks and 2,000 hand sanitizers every weekend to ensure that, people that come to register are protected from the novel virus.

Mr Baafi urged the constituents to religiously follow all the Covid-19 protocols during the registration period and beyond to stay safe.