Parliamentary candidate for Amenfi Central Hopeful, Mrs Joana Gyan Cudjoe, has successfully launched her campaign after several setbacks that nearly had her out of the parliamentary election of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The campaign event that took place at the Wassa Agona Amenfi Methodist School Park had many dignitaries including traditional leaders and politicians across the country present to throw their weight behind her aspiration.

The Gyeduakese Chief, Nana Kofi Yeboah, Obaahenmaa Ama Dansowaa (Agona Obaahenmaa), Nana Kweku Afi (Caretaker Wasa Agona Amenfi) and Tetrete Kyeme Kwabena Nu, formed part of the traditional envoy that graced the occasion.

Meanwhile, Hanna Bisiw, the NDC National Women Organiser; Gladys Agyin, the NDC Western Regional Women Organiser; Hajia Rashida Mahama, the Ningo Prampram Constituency Women Organiser) and Madam Francisca Adu Yeboah, the former Deputy Regional Woman Organiser for Ashanti Region formed part of the list of politicians who thronged the venue to support the cause.

The list included the former Amenfi Central MP, Hon George Arthur and Madam Gifty Coffie, who is the Ellembelle NDC Women Organiser.

Speaking to the media after the launch, Joana Gyan said she is certain to improve the standard of life of people living at Amenfi Central.

According to her, children, men and women empowerment are key on her manifesto among others that will increase development in the region.

“Just as I am the Development Queen I will do my best to support farmers, schools and kids… we will lobby with investors to come and support us. We will also roll out scholarships to support education. We will also provide potable water and computer labs for students to be abreast with IT… we will improve sports too by building astroturf among other amenities,” she said.

NDC’s Women Organiser, Chiefs, and top politicians spotted as Joana Gyan launches campaign in Amenfi Central [Video]
NDC’s Women Organiser, Chiefs, and top politicians spotted as Joana Gyan launches campaign at Amenfi Central

Additionally, Hanna Bisiw lauded her for defying the odds as a woman contender at Amenfi Central.

“I realised that the 20 women in parliament should be retained and more women should be added to it. So when Joana came and said she wanted to contest, I gave her my support. She is doing the work and has the experience.

“In Amenfi Central it’s only one woman, Joana Gyan. The men have done a good job, but for the first time, there is a woman at number 5 on the ballot. She deserves the chance. I support Joana Gyan and John Mahama. I support all the women who want to contest,” he said.

Gyeduakese chief, Nana Kofi Yeboah, commended her for her boldness and desire to bring change to Amenfi Central.

“I prophesied that no one will disqualify her and it happened. I know very well you cannot disappoint us… God bless you,” he said.