nadia buari
nadia buari

Popular Ghanaian actress, Nadia Buari, has shared a photo of herself and her lookalike sisters to get social media buzzing.

Nadia has two beautiful sisters – Samera and Sydi Buari – who look exactly like her.

In the photo, Nadia Buari was seen sitting together as they all posed for the camera.

Samera Buari also wore black trousers, a sleeveless shirt and zebra coloured heels as Sydi wore a black and white dress with black heels to match.


From the photo, one needed not to be told that the three ladies were all siblings as the resemblance was striking.

The three beautiful ladies looked so much alike with Nadia Buari being the fairest.

“One of these 3 can eat a whole house and still be skinny.. All the other 2 have to do, is inhale the aroma of the food and inches everywhere gained. Like WTF.. it ain’t fair… Sydi and @samera_buari #sisterlove”