Legendary musician and entrepreneur, Mzbel, has assumed the title of a goddess after she became conscious of her inner being, which she says is the life core of every human.

“Humanity is evolving to a higher level of consciousness and knowing about spirituality is knowledge and peaceful for me,” she explained.

The singer shared the news with her fans with the expectation of courting support, but she was rather in for the worse.

In a post she made on Instagram, Mzbel said the past few days have been unpleasant as her inbox has been filled with “insults, judging, name calling, low vibe comments and by force Christian teachings which are not necessary”.

Per her belief, it is ungodly for Christians to force their doctrines down her throat since she is a full adult who can differentiate right from wrong.

Irrespective of the attacks, she reiterated she has chosen the path of spirituality and all who have issues with it can unfollow her.

Mzbel said she is tired of deleting and blocking unflattering comments on her page, neither does she have any plans of engaging in a battle of religion with anyone.