Mzbel & Moesha

Actress Mzbel says she has been through Moesha’s recent phase where she denounced her past life and gave herself to Jesus Christ, a born-again Christian.

According to her, Moesha, who has since resorted to her real name Maurecia, needs genuine spiritual people to guide her on her awakening.

Mzbel explained that she has been through a similar encounter and it is not what peace of mind looks life.


The “16 years” hitmaker said Moesha needs spiritual guidance towards her new path otherwise things may not go well with her.

Taking to Instagram to comment she wrote: This is not what peace of mind looks like… she’s going through awakening and she needs genuine spiritual people to guide her. I’ve been there before.

Nonetheless, Moesha has been captured in several videos preaching on her spiritual rebirth where she talked about pimping girls to big men for money among other acts she is not proud of.

She has rather advised young girls to soak themselves in God than resort to lifestyles that would cause them to sell their souls for money.

This comes as a surprise to many because some years ago she was all over the news after her interview with CNN’s Christine Amanpour where she said she had slept with married men, in other terms “sugar daddies” for money.