Singer and songwriter, Mzbel has revealed that her clothing line, Micci Belino, didn’t survive due to low patronage and design counterfeiting by some stylists.

The actress explained that, she faced a lot of challenges after setting up her store in July 2013.

From people coming to her shop just to take pictures of the clothes for their personal designers to people promising yet failing to patronize her clothes, she was convinced running a boutique wasn’t her forte.

Every business needs consistent cash flow and loyal customers to run effectively. Unfortunately, Mzbel lacked these and ended up making losses instead of gains after setting up her business.

Hence, she decided to close the shop and focus more on her music and other businesses.

She made these revelations while speaking to Amelley Djosu on the Celeb Biz Show.

“It didn’t survive. Ghanaians didn’t patronize the clothing line. I don’t even know why. Some said it was too expensive; others too will come and just take pictures of your designs, and they go and make it on their own. So I had clothes in the shop, but nobody was buying them,” she said.

The musician also revealed that most of the clothes in her boutique were imported, so although most of her clients raised concerns and complained about their expensive prices, she couldn’t do anything about it. Reducing the price would have gone against her.

“Back then, 200 cedis was the cheapest price you could get a dress from my boutique. Most of the clothes were from the UK and US, and even those we made on our own had fabrics that also came from outside. But I am not going back into that business because Ghanaians won’t patronize,” she stated.

Mzbel said if she ever ventures into clothes selling again, it will be on demand and just for a few people. But until then, she has no plans to pursue this line of business again.

She is more than convinced that running a clothing line is not her strongest suit, as it has disappointed her before.