Singer Mzbel has advised couples who cannot conceive children to avoid the thought of adopting a child whose parents are alive and aware.

She made this statement on her 41st birthday after many of her fans queried her on the whereabouts of her 19-year-old first son, John.

According to Mzbel, John is not her biological son as many believe. She confirmed this in a Facebook live video on December 26, 2020.

She added that she adopted and took care of John since he was three-years-old but unfortunately his biological mum, who lives at Chorkor, has come back for him prior to him entering university.

The reason her mum came for him, according to Mzbel, was people were lambasting her for allowing someone else (Mzbel) to take care of her son, hence she was irresponsible as a parent.


What pains Mzbel the most is the fact that John agreed to leave with his mum because he wanted freedom.

Mzbel also said she was wondering how she would take care of John because his mum already has three children she is living with.

The ’16 Years’ hitmaker said this wasn’t the first time an adopted child had hurt her that way.

She recounted another girl who went through a similar fate with her.

Watch the video below: