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Mylah Gyimah: Meet 9-year-old Ghanaian kid who models for Zara, Gucci, other int’l fashion brands


Ghanaian US-based nine-year-old model, actress and founder of Shyv BeautyMylah Gyimah, is the latest to step onto the fashion scene as the next beauty mogul with her top affiliations with ace fashion brands worldwide.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of children’s skincare brand, Shyv Beauty, deeply rooted in her West-African heritage, has worked with international brands such as Gucci, Vogue, Ralph Lauren, Zara, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Netflix’s Creative Soul.

The list continues with Soor Ploom, FX, Tiffany & Co, and Manhattan Magazine among other notable brands in line.

Having modelled for some of the world’s top brands at such a young age, Mylah is already well-versed in skincare best practices and routines, remembering her grandmother’s tips and tricks for moisture retention.

Mylah Gyimah on set with Crew Cuts
Mylah Gyimah on set with Crew Cuts

Born as Mylah Shyvonne Maame Yaa Agyiwah Gyimah, her name signifies the mercy of God and traces her back to her family roots in Ghana, West Africa.

As a proud Ghanaian-American model, she began her modelling career as a means of building her self-esteem and understanding the different shades and textures of beauty in the world.

Mylah Gyimah featured in a Zara kids fashion ad
Mylah Gyimah featured in a Zara kids fashion ad

She began to acknowledge the beauty in herself and continued to bloom as a confident little girl that knows she is beautiful and had something to contribute to the world.

Mylah Gyimah models for Ralph Lauren
Mylah Gyimah models for Ralph Lauren

In an interview with her mother, who is also her manager, she described Mylah as an adventurous little model who is always exploring and learning.

“Who is she? We do not know yet. She is growing each and every day, soaking up so much knowledge, trying and learning new things.

“She is watching new movies and reading new books. She is meeting and interacting with a diverse group of people each and every day and gain so much experience as a model. She has also created a skincare brand made for kids that is storming through the market. She is only nine.”

Climaxing the interview, she said, “One thing we know for sure is whoever she becomes in this world or whatever she decides to do in this world, she will do it as a beautiful and smart Ghanaian-American female that will inspire people and contribute to the visions of beauty for years to come.”

SHYV Beauty, the skincare brand made for kids, by a kid, is now sold in Janie and Jack, and Maisonette, with plans to expand into additional stores and markets.

Mylah Gyimah shows off her natural kid's skincare product, Shyv
Mylah Gyimah shows off her natural kid’s skincare product, Shyv

This exclusive line features soaps, body butter, and accessories designed and formulated by Mylah – implementing her grandmother’s century-old recipe for body butter.

All Ingredients to make this exclusive recipe is purchased from Ghana, West Africa in honour of Mylah’s Great Great Grandmother and her Ghanaian Heritage.


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