James Gardiner
James Gardiner

Ghanaian actor James Gardiner has shared an emotional and candid message on social media, revealing his struggles and the weight on his heart despite celebrating his birthday.

The beloved actor, known for his charismatic performances and genuine personality, took to his platform to express his feelings and seek solace from his fans and followers.

“I was going to keep it simple, but I’ve got a lot on my mind! I just feel I need to vent out! I need to talk to someone, anyone! My heart is heavy!” Gardiner began.

Despite it being his birthday, he expressed uncertainty about what he was celebrating. “I’ve cried my eyes out this morning. I’m just a young man trying to be successful in this life! Take care of my son and my responsibilities. I’m not in competition with anyone!”

The actor opened up about his journey, sharing that he started a car rental company in 2018, which thrived until the COVID-19 pandemic caused a significant downturn.

“Then business dipped for like 2 yrs. Sold the cars and decided to invest in a nightclub in Ghana hoping to strike gold once again. But things didn’t work out as it should, or maybe not just yet! Friends and family didn’t support much. The ones who did, did!” He said.

Though he is actively working in his passion for acting, Gardiner admitted to feeling a deep sense of emptiness.

“Yes I’m working and doing what I love… Acting! But I’m just not happy! I feel empty to be honest. Like is all of this worth it? Is there a module?”

Despite these feelings, he emphasized his gratitude for life, acknowledging the value of simply being alive.

Meanwhile, he also touched on the challenges men face, often without a support system to lean on.

“Just know that men go through a lot too and we usually barely have people to run to!” He thanked his followers for listening and requested their prayers as he navigates these tough times. “I’m gonna keep my head high and continue to figure it out! I know I’m stubborn and imperfect! But together we are here now! Happy birthday to us 🎈… Love you guys! ❤️”

Meanwhile, some fans and friends including Berla Mundi, Yvonne Nelson, Andy Dosty and Elikem Kumordzie took to the comment section to cheer him up.

James Gardiner’s message has resonated with many, drawing attention to the often unspoken struggles individuals and celebrities alike face behind the scenes.