Renowned music producer, Edward Nana Poku Osei known by the showbiz name Hammer has opened up on what led to his divorce from his ex-wife decades ago.

Speaking on the  D-Black’s ‘Uncut’ show, Uncut Show with D-Black, Hammer revealed that his marriage lasted five months after realizing they were not compatible.

Explaining what happened, Hammer said that he and his ex-wife welcomed a child before their marriage.

He stated that at the time, they saw it fit to tie the knot so she would not be seen and criticized as an unmarried mother of one.

“So even though we were not mutually very much in love, I still thought it would work. So I decided to wed her, like a traditional quiet one,” Hammer said.

However, the couple found out quickly that they did not have enough affection for each other to keep the marriage going, the producer indicated.

“So we had to agree that, look, this won’t go anywhere. And the further it goes, the more damage it will do. So that’s why we’re able to become good friends. The match wasn’t made in heaven but we were great friends, especially because we raise a kid together,” Hammer said.

Decades after his divorce, Hammer noted that he is not interested in remarrying; adding that his children have been his priority.

But, he added that he is not opposed to the idea of tying the knot once again, saying “I am currently with a very great woman and with time and God, you know, it will happen, but I am not in a hurry.”