The days are hard and people are not smiling as they look for every possible means to make money at all costs.

A legendary Nigerian musician, Queen Salawa Abeni, cried out as an unnamed person sent her messages to blackmail her with her unclothed photos in his/her possession.

The person went further to tell the singer that if she does not want the photos released to the general public she should negotiate.

Communicating with Salawa through WhatsApp number, the blackmailer sent the singer two of the photos and threatened to release more should she flout the orders.

The blackmailer promised to send a video burning all her photos should she pay up the required amount.

Rather than play ball, Salawa Abeni took to her social media handle, Instagram, to not only share her chat with the unnamed blackmailer, but also posted the photos the person is laying claim to as a means to siphon money from her.

The singer cried out that at her age, almost 60 years old, somebody will want to blackmail her with photos taken when she was younger just to tarnish her name and career she had built for over 45 years.

With the photos now in public domain, the blackmailer has nothing to taunt her with anymore.

Read the chats below: