Nigerians have proved freedom of speech is not indeed completely free as they express their displeasure in some comments made by singer Wizkid.

Sharing his opinion on his Twitter page, Wizkid suggested Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari and American President Donald Trump both fall within the same category; clueless.

Considering the current state of affairs in Nigeria with rape, security forces brutality and corruption, Wizkid subtly downplayed the Buhari-led governance in his comments.


He only gave a little credit to Mr Trump, who he claimed was only better than President Buhari in terms of the use of social media, specifically Twitter.

However, Twitter users have expressed their disgust in the comments coming from one who could be described as a role model to Nigerian youth.

Comparing both presidents’ administration, they proved to Wizkid how he was rather the clueless one in terms of governance.