File Photo: From left: Mr Logic and Castro

Entertainment pundit, Emmanuel Barnes, popularly known as Mr Logic, says a lot of people are still hopeful and strongly believe that Ghanaian singer, Theophilus Tagoe, also known as Castro, who disappeared in 2014, isn’t dead.

According to Mr Logic, he has heard many conversations even among certain key industry players that Castro is still alive but he is scared to resurface because he might be charged.

Mr Logic, making his assertion on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM on Monday concerning Castro’s departure, said if the singer should return from his alleged hiding place he should be charged and thoroughly interrogated by the police.

But if he is truly hiding then I consider him a coward. Have you noticed how many years we have been talking about him? If he is alive… maybe we should start arranging his funeral, he will come out.


You cannot be hiding. You have the whole country on tenterhooks, and if you are alive and you are enjoying, we are here mourning. If he comes out he has to be charged! [SIC]

Janet Bandu and Castro
Janet Bandu and Castro

Mr Logic also touched on Janet Bandu, the girl who disappeared together with Castro on a jetski at the Ada estuary.

If the girl died a natural accident, I don’t see why you should hide. If he had come out, they would have resolved everything by now. Some say he is in Australia and Canada…[SIC]

I don’t think the State is interested in the matter because now it’s a family issue. If he should see his obituary, he will come out if he is alive.

When we bury you and you show up you will be charged. On a very serious note if he is alive then he is playing with our minds [SIC], he told Andy Dosty.