Jasmine Okafor, foster daughter of veteran actor Mr Ibu, has announced the end of her marriage with her American husband over a lie she claims cannot be overlooked.

After just nine months and a baby on the way, Jasmine has began the process to annul their marriage after discovering her husband was previously married with three children.


According to her, her plan was to have a single man of her own, not one with previous history of marriage. She further indicated that her husband kept his three grown children a secret.

In a social media post, she lamented that she had on multiple occasions inquired about his past, but he went on to lie throughout their dating and marriage period.

One of her posts read:

“My marriage was so beautiful, and full of love, my husband literally worshiped me! I don’t know if anyone is ever going to love me like he did! But this one lie ! I can’t forgive! I have filed a divorce today! I found out today that he has 3 grown up girls ! 3? Never told me he was married and divorced! Yes he’s divorced ,but still doesn’t change anything! I married a single loving husband!”

Jasmine went on to say that aside the children secret, her husband also lied about his age.

“I won’t settle for less! I love him so much! I appreciate all the love you showed me! You showed me a different version of love! I appreciate but i can’t settle for a tiny lie! I can’t forget! I won’t forgive! I don’t owe anyone explanation!! Don’t ever lie about your age for any reason!”

Meanwhile, Jasmine is expecting her first child, a set of female twins for her husband.