The management of Ejisuman Senior High School has expelled seven of their female students from the boarding facility for uploading a video on social media where unprintable words that border on sex were spewed.

Backing the decision of the school, the Ministry of Education said it was pleased the ‘bad nuts’ have been trashed to prevent them from corrupting the morals of the lot.

Public Relations Officer for the Ministry, Ekow Vincent, in a conversation with Adom TV’s Badwam clarified that schooling is not just academics but holistic education involving societal values, norms and morality.


He ascribed the morally corruptible behavior of such students to lack of parental support and affection.

“If we will be truthful to ourselves you will know it is from upbringing. Most of these girls have not even had their father hug them before, talk less of ‘you’re looking good today’. They get excited when they find small boys with little in their pockets do such stuff,” he said.

He reiterated the need for Comprehensive Sex Education to make children aware of their sexual rights.

On his part, queenmother of Ejisu, Nana Yaa Asantewaa II, attributed the absurd behavior to the neglect of puberty rites.