File photo: 'Galamsey' pit

The Acting Chief Inspector of Mines, John Amoani, has advised all mining agencies and individuals in the sector to be on the lookout in carrying out their activities.

According to him, members of the Minerals Commission can reach out to them to aid them in carrying out their operations.

“We are encouraging those without the necessary items used in manufacturing the explosives to contact us and when they do so, we will go to the site for an inspection and show them where to be producing the explosives,” he said.

He revealed on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen that members of the Commission have been advised to contact police escorts when transporting mining items.

“We have urged those who have registered with the Minerals Commission to have a police escort whenever they are moving Ammonium Nitrate,” Mr Amoani noted.


Also, Mr Amoani mentioned that the Commission engages its members on a regular basis as part of ensuring accident-free among the companies.

“We have a special audit we do for the whole country once a year per our regulation, and it demands a specialist for that particular audit,” he said.

“It is not necessarily someone who is a member of the commission but someone who has in-depth knowledge about explosives. Mining inspectors visit the mining sites every month for an inspection,” he added.

An arrangement, he said, has been made with explosive dealers and mining companies for an extensive audit in the month of April.