A gynaecologist at the Ga East Hospital, Dr Benedict Afari, has warned men who have sex beyond seven minutes to desist from it. According to Dr Afari, “you endanger yourself if you have sex for about 30 minutes to an hour.”

According to the gynaecologist, people who engage in sex for 30 minutes to an hour do not benefit from it and instead endanger their lives.

In an interview with Rainbow radio, he stated that it would be prudent to engage in more foreplay rather than having sex for more than seven minutes.

There is no benefit in engaging in sex for long periods of time. According to studies, sex is best enjoyed between five and seven minutes. The piercing aspect of sex should last seven minutes. However, the foreplay can last. Such acts would have serious consequences for those who have the sex, he emphasised.

He stated that there are several benefits derived from sex, including enhancing the bond between partners and promoting the psychological and physical well-being of those who engage in it.

He said it is also a form of exercise that could help people burn calories.

How to get exactly what you want during sex

Experts explain that sometimes familiarity kills sex drives. The more we get used to someone, the less exciting sex becomes.

But how do we deal with this menace? Here are some tips to help reignite passion if your sex life is lacking and get exactly what you want in bed.

  • Teach your partner

If your partner does not understand what you want, despite hints, then ten teach them. You may want to start by doing exactly those things to yourself, in front of your partner. Whether it’s touching yourself or spanking the butt, let your partner get the idea.

  • Do it to your partner

Just like the saying “do unto others as you want them to do to you.”

Maybe it’s time to shift the focus on your partner and show them exactly what you want them to do. In that way, they will do them to you as well.

  • Don’t fake your orgasms

Stop faking your orgasms for the sake of keeping your partner happy. They will get the wrong idea that they are great at pleasuring you because ultimately you are encouraging them. Be honest with them and tell them why you can’t climax.

  • Praise your partner

If your partner made a new move that made you writhe in pleasure, immediately praise them. Words of encouragement will help your partner to do things you like, more often. But don’t encourage them with other moves, that you don’t really want. That’ll give them an idea.

  • Communicate your dislikes

Tell your partner what you like, and then tell them what you don’t particularly like. Make sure to mention your dislikes in a casual tone, and not a serious one because it may become upsetting pretty soon.