How I went broke after my travel to UK – Amerado


Ghanaian rapper Amerado has for the first time revealed he experienced a grace to grass situation after an opportunity in the United Kingdom (UK).

The rapper, who travelled to the UK for tourism and menial jobs, said he returned to Ghana with some thousands of pounds, but he was left with nothing in no time due to some bad decisions he made.

In an interview on the Delay Show, Amerado remarked that he was fortunate to be one of the few artistes billed for the Ghana Music Awards UK, after which he earned a living for some few months.

The funds, he indicated, was used to furnish his single room, pay fees for his sister, and the remaining was spent lavishly on irrelevant things.

The budding rapper’s life took a swift turn for the worse when his account became empty at a time when his music career was also on hold.

“I did not pay heed to my humble background and in no time I was broke again. The lowest point for me in my life was when I didn’t know when my next meal will come from and the deciding moment was to kickstart my music career,” he lamented.

He further stated that the situation was so bad that he had to rely on sporting betting for a day’s meal.

On days when the bet does not go in his favour, the celebrity had to take loans from friends.

However, luck shone on him when his team united to send him back to the studios to record hit songs.

Currently, he contentedly stated that his situation is relatively better than it was three years ago when he had nothing to his name.


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