Very big expectations have been placed on men as they are expected to make women and themselves climax during sexual intercourse.

Sex Coach, Dzifa Sweetness has, however, countered the claim insisting it is not solely the duty of a man to make a woman reach and experience unforgettable bouts of orgasms.

“Men are not responsible for our orgasms and most people do not understand this when I say it. Yes, partly, men are not responsible for our orgasms. As a woman, you need to prepare yourself to reach an orgasm or a series of them,” she stated.

She revealed that a man can perform extremely well in bed and a woman may not reach an orgasm because of the many unnecessary things she may be preoccupied with at the time, which are not related to the great sex she is having.

In a discussion on e.TV Ghana’s ‘In Bed With Adwen’ adult edutainment show, Dzifa Sweetness noted that a woman always has to be in the present to experience orgasm.

“When the foreplay is going on and your mind is elsewhere, there is no way you will reach orgasm. If you get distracted during sex your vagina will keep drying up and in the end, you will not only fail to reach an orgasm, but the sex will also hurt,” she said.

The sex coach shared that the bedroom is not a place to take your stress. “Leave the stress behind and forget about everything bothering you before entering the bedroom. You can only reach orgasm if you’re focused on lovemaking alone.”


She advised women to be connected to their partners if they want to enjoy sex and reach an orgasm. “Never think of reaching orgasm if you’re not connected to your partner. You should be connected to him both physically and mentally. After this, you must also be relaxed and let yourself go. It is by loosening up that you will reach cloud 9.”

On her accord, an angry woman should never get naked for her man because “if you’re angry at your man, you will never reach an orgasm.”

Sharing tips for men to spot a fake orgasm, she said: “In a true orgasm, you will experience your woman shaking, and her vagina can be so wet you feel it speaking to you whenever you penetrate her.

“A woman may also make funny sounds, laugh, and bite or even dig their nails into her back when they are having true orgasms. The vagina can also grip and release the penis and that shows that her cocktail of hormones is working and she has truly reached an orgasm.”