Ghanaian socialite, Joyce Addo, has revealed that her boobs mostly block her view when she is in a brassier and recently caused her to fall off a staircase.

Speaking on SVTV Africa, Miss Addo, who is popularly known as Busty GH, said due to the size of her boobs, she is unable to see clearly unless she is not wearing a bra. She added that her minor accident kept her in the hospital for weeks.

“One problem that I face mostly is that I find it difficult to see while walking. Normally, you should see as you walk but unless I walk halfway or slanted. Unless I’m not in a bra because it covers my view. My family members are aware,” she disclosed.

She added that she recently fell off a staircase for the same reason. She said “especially when I’m climbing or descending stairs. While descending, I couldn’t see the stairs so I fell off and was hospitalised for two weeks. I had a cut on my head and they had to stitch it up.”

Madam Addo, who now goes by her excellency, added that she had to change her social media handles because someone was impersonating her and taking monies from people. She has advised her followers to be wary of such persons.