Kwame Nkrumah

An 80-year-old Nkrumaist, Comfort Boko Mensah, has urged political leaders to always seek the interest of the people and the country first other than their personal gains.

According to her, Ghana under Dr Kwame Nkrumah is no longer the same. She blamed political leaders for what she called “backwardness” of the country.

Madam Mensah was active in the days of Dr Nkrumah.

She said in her search for someone to help her get an education, she eventually came in contact with Dr Nkrumah.

Comfort Boko Mensah, 80-year-old Nkrumaist

“Nkrumah personally handed me over to the one who brought the workers’ brigade, he told him this woman has something in her, giver her work,” she said.


She later received a three-month training to drive tractors in the workers’ brigade, making her the first female to do so in 1961.

“The tractor has six gears, three move forward, and three go backwards,” she recounted.

She said when some persons tried to poison Dr Nkrumah while he was at the James Fort Prison, she was the one who was sent to deliver a message sealed in a toilet roll to some officials at the prison.

She recounted being arrested and sent to prison three times. The mother of eight was the cheerleader in the Convention People’s Party.

The 80-year-old is, however, not happy with the level of partisanship in the country’s body politic.

“This is not the country we started, leaders are now very partisan and if this should continue, the country would not develop,” she said.