A medical student of the University of Nigeria is risking expulsion after a video from her twerking competition went viral.

The first-year student who is reading Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS), Obi Mirabel, is said to have participated in the twerking competition in the students’ hostel for a reward of N10,000 (GHS148).

In videos that have gone viral, she was captured rocking a white monokini which exposed her bare backside as she danced seductively in front of the students amid cheers.

Dean of Student Affairs, upon hearing of her conduct assembled the students to announce that Mirabel would be expelled after which she will be prosecuted for “destroying humanity and womanhood”.

However, in the latest development, Mirabel has called the authorities’ bluff as she gives an in-depth explanation of how she ended up in her web of troubles.

She clarified that the competition was not a new game in the hostel and the reward was thrice the stated amount.

“On the 28th, October 2021, there was an awareness for a concert in the school. Awareness is what people do almost every time and what comes with it is usually a dance competition and that day, we were competing for 30k. I happened to be one of the contenders. I have watched a lot of girls compete in the past and what they wore was nothing better than mine. It was equivalent to what I wore and sometimes worse because after all, we feel we are dancing in front of our fellow females, but then I feel
the amount I made was the reason for the video going viral,” she posted.

Mirabel defended that twerking is not a crime punishable by expulsion, adding that the Dean made the announcement in a fit of rage.

She went on to say that twerking does not affect her studies in any way, owing to the fact that making it into the grade A school shows she is an intellectually sound person who knows how to balance fun and academics.

She also revealed she has been subjected to all forms of harassment, including school authorities barging into her room to ransack her properties.

Mirabel also said she’s been stigmatized for which she is wondering if her participation in the twerking contest was even worth it.