Controversial actress Akuapem Poloo has sent a message to critics not to worry their necks over her, concerning her conversion to Islam.

Following her announcement of joining the Islamic religion of which she bears a new identity, Haniya, there has been several calls for her to act in accordance with acceptable behaviour.

That includes dressing decently, using palatable language and quitting some forms of sexually appealing dances and activities.

Replying critics in a latest interview, Poloo stated emphatically that she will not stop twerking as it is her means of survival.

So far as she is idle and without any stable means of upkeep, the actress said she will continue to dance energetically and whine her waist to attract sponsorship.

According to her, twerking is not a serious crime like murder and fornication so she deserves to be cut some slack.

“Someone will sit to insult me for doing something to get paid. Everybody is twerking the musicians twerk, Muslims twerk at Awure and even Indians twerk so why would someone take mine so personal and say I am their worst enemy. I won’t stop twerking because it is a form of dance and exercise,” she reiterated.

However, Akuapem Poloo was quick to add that she can compromise not exposing her body, adding she is ready to dress as required.